As an oil and natural gas operator, being a good steward of the environment includes properly managing the waste generated in the field and in the office. We encourage employees and contractors to reduce the amount of waste for disposal through reuse, recycling and source reduction wherever possible.

Protocols ensure compliance

Devon’s Jackfish complex
Devon’s Jackfish complex features an innovative solution that combines responsible waste management with careful water conservation.

Our work can generate both hazardous and non-hazardous waste from our drilling and production processes, as well as office waste, such as packaging and bottles, wherever our staff works. Waste management protocols in our U.S. and Canadian operating areas ensure compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and our own corporate policies. 

At Devon, all employees and contractors share responsibility for waste management, with clearly defined roles and requirements for waste management plans and for handling, shipping, disposal, training and minimization programs. We hold contractors responsible for managing the waste they generate and for complying with all local regulations. For employees and contractors who may come into contact with chemicals used or stored in the workplace, Safety Data Sheets summarizing hazard information are readily available. 

To reinforce our commitment to compliance, Devon employees and contractors receive training specific to their job duties related to waste management and for chemicals used or stored in the workplace.

From waste stream to usable product

An example of a waste stream being recycled is found at our Jackfish complex, which includes an on-site waste landfill. We collect leachate fluid from the landfill and divert it to the Jackfish central processing facility, where it is processed and incorporated into the steam-generation process required for oil production.

We’ll continue to manage waste to safeguard our workforce, work locations and the environment.