Setting the Tone for Performance

Devon is accountable to our stakeholders as we operate in a culture of integrity, guided by our core values. Our corporate governance policies and practices direct our decision making, risk management and relationship-building activities as we seek to deliver results in a financially, environmentally and socially responsible way.

We’re focused on innovation and operational excellence in our business and a high quality of life in our communities. In our work, we seek to demonstrate leadership in environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance and transparency.

Our investors, employees and neighbors, along with others who have an interest in our progress, are counting on Devon to meet our obligations, and we embrace the challenge.

We want everyone who works for Devon to know what we expect as we bolster our reputation for integrity and accountability. In 2017, we took an important step, forming an ESG Steering Committee focused on environmental, social and governance issues. The committee ensures our company’s senior leaders are focused, informed and engaged on ESG matters that influence our business planning, strategy and operations.

Chris Kirt

Chris Kirt

vp, corporate governance & secretary

Data shows a correlation between stock performance and a company’s willingness to address Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. Chris leads Devon’s engagement efforts with stakeholders on ESG issues. His mantra: “We can’t be all things to all people, but we can be responsive and assure our stakeholders that they’re being heard.”

Devon Ethics & Compliance Helpline

Devon's reputation has been built over many years and is dependent on the integrity and sense of responsibility demonstrated by our employees. Devon is committed to high ethical, moral, professional, and legal standards and is dedicated to operating its business consistent with these high standards of business conduct and ethics. If you have a concern about the ethical behavior of our employees or company, please report it using the Devon Ethics & Compliance Helpline, a secure and independent website operated by EthicsPoint.

Devon Non-Management Director Access Information

Issues or concerns related to Devon’s accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing practices may be reported to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. To do so, or to make any report to Devon’s non-management directors, please call Devon's Non-Management Director Access Line at (866) 888-6179 or email at All calls or correspondence are anonymous and confidential.