At Devon, we embrace honesty and integrity, and one of our core values is to do the right thing.

Building RelationshipsWe are committed to high ethical, moral, professional and legal standards in all of our business practices and relationships. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics describes the responsibilities all Devon directors, officers and employees have to our shareholders, governmental and regulatory authorities, our business partners, and to each other. We have an additional Code of Ethics for the Devon president and chief executive officer (CEO), chief financial officer and chief accounting officer requiring that their ethical and legal behavior is at the highest level. Our directors, officers and employees also are obligated to comply with our Anti-Corruption Policy, all other Devon policies and all applicable laws.

All Devon employees complete ethics training when they are hired and annually thereafter to ensure our high standards for conducting business remain top-of-mind.

Devon employees are also obligated to help enforce the Code. Potential violations of the Code must be reported to our executive vice president and general counsel or to our Ethics & Compliance Helpline. The Helpline is available at all times to report harassment, inappropriate behavior, discrimination, fraud, unsafe acts, accounting irregularities or any other potential violation of the Code. It can also be used to ask an ethics-related question, request guidance on Devon’s ethics policy or follow up on a reported issue.

Employees and members of the public can make a Helpline report anonymously and confidentially. Devon does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who makes a good-faith report of an actual or suspected violation of the law or our Code. Devon investigates reports promptly and treats them as confidential to the extent possible. In late 2017, Devon upgraded the functionality and visibility of the Helpline, affirming our commitment to ethics and non-retaliatory, confidential reporting. Early metrics showed a modest increase in reporting that suggested higher awareness of the Helpline following the upgrade, without creating concern that there may have been under-reporting previously.